Photo: Getty Images the Congress of the United States

Us lawmakers argue whether they can block the President’s actions if he will decide to lift sanctions against Russia.

The consideration of the bill on new sanctions against Russia in the U.S. Congress at an impasse, says Bloomberg.

It is noted that this situation has arisen because of partisan disputes about “whether the legislators get the authority to block the actions of the President of the United States Donald trump if he decides to lift the sanctions unilaterally”.

As stated by a spokesman for Republican speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan Ashley strong, “the house Republicans are ready to send the bill to the Senate that allow senators to return back the corrected document.” However, she said, “Democrats block the process by insisting on their own amendments.”

Democratic Senator Ben Cardin noted that this issue needs to be resolved urgently.

“Of course, the U.S. should give your answer . I’ve already contacted members of the house of representatives and urged them to quickly pass a bill” − he said.

We will remind, on June 15 the Senate approved the bill on new sanctions against Russia and Iran. The White house expressed support for the sanctions that are stated in the document.

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