TOKYO, March 8. /Offset. TASS Cyril Agafonov. The government of Japan is going while scheduled for 18 March in Tokyo consultations with Russia on joint economic activities on southern Kuriles to offer to conduct a joint study of the Russian Islands. This was reported by the newspaper Mainichi.

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According to her, it is a study of the resource base in the areas of fisheries and the study of places that are suitable for fish farming . Objectives of the study, which wants to offer the Japanese side, is the preservation of the environment and the organization of ecological tours, during which tourists, for example, will be able to admire whales and rare sea eagles of the Pacific.

As noted by the Mainichi, in the course of the negotiations difficulties may arise around the “special system”, which has repeatedly said Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, so that joint research can give impetus to the consultations on joint activities. According to her, in case of consent of the Russian side, such studies could begin this year.

Previously, their proposals and suggestions for joint economic activities on the Russian southern Kuril Islands was prepared by the Association of fishermen of Japanese city of Nemuro and other localities on the Northern island of Hokkaido. In them it was about conducting the respective research areas of fisheries in areas adjacent to the Kuril Islands waters.

In the consultations in Tokyo on March 18, the Russian side would be represented by Deputy foreign Minister Igor Morgulov and Japanese Deputy foreign Minister Takeo Akiba. According to Kyodo, Tokyo intends to offer Moscow a cooperation plan in the field of medicine, which provides for the establishment of the southern Kuril Islands the necessary infrastructure, as well as upgrading existing using advanced Japanese technology. In addition, the possibility of creating a system under which Japanese experts will be able to remotely provide medical care to the inhabitants of the Islands.