The President Of France Emmanuel Macron

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PARIS, may 20. /TASS/. The President of France Emmanuel macron during a visit to Russia, intends to give new impetus to relations between the two countries. About it the representative of the Elysee Palace said the weekly newspaper Le Journal du dimanch.

The edition published on Sunday an article in the run-up scheduled for may 24-25 visit Him in Russia at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. As stressed by the representative of the Elysee Palace, “the dialogue with Russia was maintained and supported”, despite the difference in positions on the Syrian and Ukrainian issues, as well as to the case Skripal .

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“The two countries have much to build [in their relationship], but this approach should be objective, with open eyes,” said a source in the Elysee Palace. He expressed the opinion that during the visit, significant progress on difficult issues is unlikely to achieve.

According to the newspaper, “the dialogue between the two leaders during the visit will be decisive, but correct in form.” President Makron intends to give new impetus to relations between the two countries, “but in accordance with the framework of the European Union”, established after the annexation of Crimea to Russia, said the Elysee Palace.

The paper therefore leads made by Macron earlier statements that “one should not humiliate Russia” and that Putin intends “to return the country to its greatness after the events around the dismantling of the Berlin wall and the Soviet Union, his experiences in Russia as a humiliation”. According to the information that has informed the representative of the presidential administration, the Makron is going to have a dialogue with the Russian President “without any naivety”.

The French leader thoroughly prepared for the visit to Russia. According to Le Journal du dimanch, last Friday he held a meeting at the Elysee Palace, a historian and a specialist on Russia Antoine Arjakovsky. He also talked with the philosopher Michel by Elchaninova, author of the book “In the mind of Vladimir Putin”.