It seems that the search was conducted the same way as a Bank robbery in a cheap Hollywood Thriller.

The story of how the BGB did not let customers into the store with cells, not only continued, but also confirmed the assumption that the Bank was looted. Robbery suffered the clients of the Bank, having nothing to do with the Bank itself nor the Victor of Babariko, nor his initiative group or election campaign, writes

Access to Depositary cells Bank was limited to 23 June. According to the head of the provisional administration of the Bank Nadezhda Ermakova, the warehouse would not let the customers because of the ongoing proceedings. Actually, therefore and the interim administration of the Bank, and the police tried for as long as possible to delay in time is inevitable, and is the day when we will understand the scale of the incident: it seems that the search was conducted the same way as a Bank robbery in a cheap Hollywood Thriller – has revealed all cells indiscriminately

“The cells have become available Tuesday, the same day came to head office of the Bank. The queue was about 80-90 people. Why it happened, I don’t know. I’m not Babariko nor offshore have nothing”, – quotes one of its clients, in the end, wrote a statement for opening his safe Deposit box.

Statements with claims of opening the safety Deposit boxes without their presence and missing content written by several people.

Some valuables of the Bank’s clients, presumably including the missing cells were in the frame of the plot on the channel “Belarus 1” entitled “the Illegal activities on a large scale. To be continued…”, which was released on June 13.

In the frame in addition to banknotes, some of which are packaged in black plastic bags and paper boxes, also got commemorative coins of the national Bank of Belarus, for example, “Belarusian ballet. 2006” small gold ingots, presumably, investment coins of the Bank of Russia, three packages of legerov two models — special wallets for cryptocurrencies (whether they themselves Legere — unknown).

The video shows bonds BGB 41-th issue of the bearer, which placed in 2018. See their sequence number. The duration of their treatment – until the end of July 2021. The owners of the bonds, as the project emission can be physical persons. It was issued 1,000 bonds with a nominal value of 10 thousand dollars. The draft of the bond issue noted that their purchases will need to be identified through the provision of documents.

“In some parts (the number of values, numbers, packaging) customers of the Bank suggested that in the shot of their belongings from the cells. We will not specify, about what exactly value is it to preserve customers ‘ privacy,” writes

All claims Belgazprombank was forwarded to the Department of financial investigations of the state control Committee of the Republic of Belarus, explaining it, those claims about the uncovered cells “contain issues that are not within the competence of the OJSC “Belgazprombank”. The Bank has not reported how many of the submitted applications.

Under the law, access to confidential information about the Bank customer who has a service contract Deposit, can get some Bank employees, and authorized representatives of the client. In other cases, this information the Bank may provide at the request of certain government agencies, including courts, tax authorities, customs, bodies of compulsory execution of judicial decisions of the state control Committee.