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SEOUL, may 24. /TASS/. The ceremony of dismantling the only nuclear test site DPRK was held Thursday in the County, Pungere province of Hamgyong. This was reported by South Korean Agency Yonhap.

“The procedure of liquidation of nuclear facilities at the landfill conducted in the presence of foreign journalists,” – said the Agency. In particular, it has been destroyed the research lab, underground tunnels and various technical buildings. Emission of radiation during the bombings is not fixed.

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According to the Agency, the DPRK authorities by the explosions destroyed at the nuclear test site, Pungere at least three underground tunnel for nuclear weapons tests.

“A series of explosions started at 11:00 (04:00 GMT). The first one was destroyed tunnel number 2 in the North-Eastern remote parts of the polygon, two – at 14:17 (08:17 GMT ). They were followed by the bombings of barracks, observation posts and other ground targets”, – informs the Agency. Last blast at the site occurred at 16:17 (10:17 Moscow time).

It is unclear whether there was blown up the last tunnel, usually denoted by South Korean and American intelligence number 1.

Pungere, is one of the key to the DPRK’s nuclear program objects. It was there in the period from 2006 to 2017 was carried out in all six tests, including a thermonuclear bomb.

Reporters from five countries, including the UK, China, Russia, USA and South Korea, were invited by the authorities of the DPRK to monitor the dismantling of nuclear test site in the area of Pungere. Such a condition in the foreign Ministry explained the “limited space” on the ground.

Agreement on closing the nuclear test site, Pungere and conducting appropriate public ceremonies was reached at talks between South Korean President moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-UN, which took place on April 27 at Panmunjom.

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