The Olympic rings

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TASS, March 28. Outbreak of norovirus during the winter Olympic games 2018 in South Korea’s Pyeongchang, which took place from 9 to 25 February, has occurred because of the water in the tanks of portable toilets. It is reported portal Insidethegames.

According to the publication, the genotype of the virus found in the water tanks, consistent with the genotype of infected people. During the Olympic games was used about 570 portable toilets. After confirming the reasons for the origin of the virus all the water tanks have been cleaned and sterilized. Another source of norovirus was probably water in restaurants.

On the Games in 2018 more than 1200 employees, engaged in policing at the Olympics, was excluded from work and quarantined due to the outbreak of the virus. Also from the norovirus hit two Swiss freestyler world champion 2015 slopestyle Fabian Bosch and Elias Ambühl .

Russian athletes competing at the Games in 2018 under the Olympic flag because of the suspension of the Russian Olympic Committee, has won 17 medals including two gold, six silver and nine bronze medals.

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