Ukrainian the Internet-the edition “Observer” drew attention to the fact that in the third season of “servant of the people”, where the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenski played the role of Basil Goloborodko, showed the iconic moment of the withdrawal from Ukraine of the International monetary Fund, which could become a reality, reports “Russian conversation”.

In one of the episodes Goloborodko made an eloquent speech about the need to achieve financial independence.

“All we could give – he gave. But there is no money. And what to do next? Can try to change the course of our history? To be independent, not on paper. To pay all debts. In the name of our future, our children, grandchildren, and future generations that we were never second-class citizens living in a third world country,” said the protagonist of the series.

In the end, it is reported that the necessary amount was collected, all debts settled and the Ukraine has gained true independence.

On Tuesday, the media reported that the IMF mission prematurely leaving Ukraine and does not intend to revise the program of cooperation. The reason for this was the decree of the President of Ukraine to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada. In addition, the decision was influenced by some of the appointments to the presidential administration of Ukraine.