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Mourinho has accused Luke Shaw in a bad game in the match against “Brighton” in the FA Cup and was replaced by player during the break. According to players of “Manchester United”, the Portuguese deliberately offends a Show to get him to leave the club . This reports the Telegraph with reference to sources in the team.

“All the danger in the first half of the match against “Brighton” appeared on the flank of the Show. Every time the opponent attacked on his flank, at our gate there were dangerous moments. I am very dissatisfied. Each player can have a bad day, but if something went wrong, you can always say: “Mister, take me off the game.” I think so,” said Mourinho.

The club also unhappy with the behaviour of Mourinho. “Mourinho is like there is a setting to criticize the Show in any case, regardless of how he plays,” the Telegraph quoted a source at the club.