A helicopter crash Sikorsky on the Turkish region of Tunceli was the injury to seven people in the police machinery at the time of the accident.

Such information published by the Agency DHA. It refers to “Russian conversation”.

In total onboard were at least 12 people. Of these, seven served in the police, one held the position of judge, another was a military man and three others acted as crew.

According to the news magazine, the crew managed to establish communication with the emergency services and report the incident happened. Five other citizens, were in a helicopter, it does not hurt in any way.

Rescuers quickly managed to establish the point of the crash of a police aircraft. Currently, they are paving the way in the impact area.

Previously, “Russian conversation” passed as news about the accident was confirmed by the administration of the Governor of the said province . It is noted that as the main reason for the occurrence, experts are considering the version of the deteriorating weather.