Photo: Reuters the Kuril Islands remain disputed territory

The mayor of Nemuro found out about the ban the day before the trip.

Russia denied access to the Southern Kuriles by the Japanese delegation headed by the mayor of Nemuro, Shunsuke Hasegawa. This writes The Japan Times.

According to the publication, access to the island was closed due to the fact that Japan imposed sanctions against Russia because of aggression against Ukraine. Hasegawa was notified of the foreign Ministry the day before departure that he will not be able to participate in the trip.

According to Hasegawa, the Ministry did not disclose the reasons for trip cancellation.

As reported Корреспондент.netJapan claims the four southern Islands of the Kuril ridge: Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and Habomai. In October 2016, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has declared that considers the Southern Kuriles traditional territories of Japan .

In Russia believe that the Islands became part of the Soviet Union at the end of the Second world war. In November last year, the Federation deployed in the South Kuril Islands of the battery of missile complexes of Bal and Bastion, calling it “routine work to ensure national security.”