Journalists portal of the Egyptian elbalad criticized wife of the American President Melania trump, which, in their opinion, the second day of his visit to Saudi Arabia allowed to wear “provocative” dress than to disrespect local traditions.

How notes portal, the dress of the wife of the American leader was “too short”, the journalists suggest that it could be a provocation, reports “Russian conversation”.

Note that the first lady of the United States had a dress mid-knee length, her hands were closed.

On the first day of his visit to Riyadh, the Melania trump appeared at public events in a fully-enclosed black dress, but then her appearance was the occasion for criticism: the wife of the American leader refused to cover his head with a handkerchief.

Recall arriving in Saudi Arabia was the first foreign visit of Donald trump as the host of the White house . After Riyadh, the American President will visit Israel and the Vatican and then travel to Brussels for a NATO summit.

Previously, “Russian conversation” published footage of trump and Tillerson struck dance with swords at the reception of the king of Saudi Arabia.