The national team of Spain on football

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TASS, 15 Dec. The international football Federation (FIFA) may exclude the Spanish national team from among participants of the 2018 world Cup because of government intervention in the work of the Royal Spanish football Federation (RFEF). It is reported by the newspaper El Pais.

According to the publication, FIFA sent a letter to the RFEF, explaining that if the government continues to interfere in the election of a new President of the Federation, the Spanish team can be excluded from number of participants of the world championship – 2018. According to FIFA rules, the intervention of third parties in the work of the national federations are prohibited .

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Previously, angel Maria Villar was ousted from his post of the President of the RFEF Higher sports Council of Spain (CSD) due to allegations of corruption. CSD wants to organize a re-election of the President of the Federation. FIFA considers the initiative of the CSD as the intervention of authorities in the activities of the Federation.

It is noted that the Minister of education, culture and sport of Spain, iñigo méndez de Vigo and current President of the RFEF Juan Luis Larrea will soon hold a meeting to discuss the situation.

In November, the Peruvian newspaper Libero reported that the national team of Peru may be suspended from participation in the 2018 FIFA world Cup. Peruvian politician Paloma Noceda proposed to adopt a law according to which Federation Peruvian of football would have passed under state control. Later, Peruvian authorities refused the bill.

The world Cup will be held in 11 Russian cities from June 14 to July 15, 2018. The Spanish national team will play in group B with the teams of Portugal, Morocco and Iran.