The fortress of the Emir Fakhreddin

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BEIRUT, March 1. /Offset. TASS Dmitry Zelenin/. The soldiers of the Syrian army took the environment by storm the fortress of the Emir Fakhreddin at the Western entrance to Palmyra. This was reported by TV channel Al Manar.

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According to him, government forces also captured the headquarters of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia), which was located on one of the hills at the Palace of Kasr-El-Koutri in the South-Western outskirts of the city .

According to the channel, the resistance of the IG are broken, the enemy in panic

A year ago, the storming of an ancient castle at the entrance to Palmyra, built in the XVII century by the Lebanese Emir Fakhreddin al-mA’ani were, lasted a few days. Located on the edge of the hill he was turned into an impregnable fortress.

Syrian troops managed to regain control of this advantageous position March 25, 2016. Two days later they went to Palmyra.

In the operation to liberate the city made a great contribution VKS RF, which strikes on is positions. In the future, the Russian troops cleared the famous ruins of the ancient Palmyra.

In December of last year, Palmyra was again captured by ISIS.