The Central election Commission took a unanimous decision to cancel the registration of Andrey Klyuev candidate in OVO No. 46, and Anatoly Sharia, says the publication of the analyst of the civil network OPORA Oleksandr Klujev in Facebook. About it reports “Russian conversation”.

According Klujev, to unregister Klyuev there are such arguments:

After the process of registration Klyuyev, the CEC passed a unanimous cancellation of registration of candidate Anatoly Sharia nominee of the Party of Sharia. The arguments, according to Klujev such:

Support message confirmed in Facebook the CEC Secretary Natalia Bernatsky. “Thank you to all law enforcement agencies that have provided the necessary evidence of the CEC. Thanks to everyone who gave yesterday to leave such decisions of the courts without attention. Unanimously resolved, check Klyuev and Sharia undone!” – she wrote.

We will remind, the Ukrainian activists announced the protests on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev because of the decision of the CEC on registration of candidates in people’s deputies of the former head of the presidential Administration Andriy Klyuyev and blogger Anatoly Sharia.

In addition, earlier it was said that Anatoly Shary can create their own party to participate in the extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada, which will take place on July 21.

As previously reported, Shary stirred Ukraine, a statement about the campaign to the Verkhovna Rada.