As reported on Tuesday, July 16, “the Russian
Dialogue” with the link to the portal,
died famous composer Igor Izvekov.

The source of this information is representative
the law enforcement agencies.

It is noted that the neighbor izvekova noticed that he
stopped leaving the apartment. They began to worry and called the police. 15
Jul law enforcement officers arrived at the house of the Director, located in
Malomoskovskaya in Alekseevsky district of Moscow. They opened the door and found
the composer’s body on the floor in one of the rooms.

After an initial examination, experts have recorded a hematoma
throughout the body of 53-year-old Muscovite. Neighbors said that in recent
the composer lived alone and abused alcohol.

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the death of the pilot Igor Nikitin, a famous training flight on a hang glider, Vladimir

It was also reported killed while crossing the river in Tuva
two local residents.