TASS, February 11. Fighters of the Kurdish troops recaptured on Saturday near the village of Haji-Bilal in ‘ afrīn attack forces “free Syrian army” (FSA), supported by the Turkish armored vehicles. As reported by the Kurdish Agency Firat, the militia inflicted casualties, killing 25 soldiers and fighters and knocked out the Turkish tank.

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According to the Agency, since the beginning of the Turkish operation “Olive branch” (20 Jan) in Northern Syria, the Kurdish “forces of the people’s protection units” (SNA) has knocked out 43 of enemy armored vehicles. The formation of the FSA and Turkish troops lost 669 killed, including several field commanders and officers, say the Kurds .

As reported Firat, Turkish helicopters attacked on Saturday evening the village of Halil (Raja County) and Deir-Based (D. Gandaris). About losses among civilians data not given.

The victims of the conflict in the North of Syria began by the end of the week, around 150 Kurds and Arabs. Sources in the city hospital in Afrin said that 345 wounded assisted. Most of them women and children.

According to the Turkish General staff, Turkish armed forces destroyed since 20 January 1141 terrorists, which in Ankara classifies soldiers of the SNA. Turkey recognized the loss of 30 of its soldiers.