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MEXICO city, may 26. /Offset. TASS Ivan valueK/. At least 60 people were killed in Venezuela during anti-government protests that have shaken the country since the beginning of April. Such information was published by the newspaper El Nacional. According to her calculations, more than 950 people were injured.

Non-governmental organization “the Venezuelan program of education and activities in the field of human rights” (Spanish Provea) reported earlier that most of the victims were shot to death. According to her calculations, 32 of the victims were young people aged 18-30 years. In addition, the number of victims was somewhat minor.

3:17pm | Hasta los momentos, del número de personas fallecidas en contexto de manifestaciones (57) two ecological alternatives estas aproximaciones pic.twitter .com/jDUn5mfntw

— PROVEA (@_Provea) 25 May 2017

On Wednesday the attorney General of Venezuela, Luis Ortega Diaz said that the violence and riots during the protests since the beginning of April claimed the lives of 55 people. Among the dead were 52 civilians and three law enforcement officers.

The reason for the mass protests in Venezuela over the last few years was the Supreme court’s decision expands the powers of President Nicolas Maduro and limiting the functions of Parliament, and ban one of the opposition leaders Henrique Capriles to stand for election.

The situation deteriorated even more after Maduro decided to convene a Constitutional Assembly (CA), which can reform the system of public administration and to amend the basic law. Elections to CA planned for the end of July.

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