MOSCOW, October 12. /TASS/. The land of Iraqi Kurdistan will become a grave for all who would threaten the region. As reported on Thursday, a news portal Shafaq News, said in the command of the Kurdish militias “Peshmerga”.

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“After the great victory of the people of Kurdistan in the referendum that determined their future and the overwhelming majority voted for independence, some individuals and forces began to threaten, – said in a communique. – I want to reassure our people – no one can set foot on our land. For the sake of the martyrs and the goals of the referendum, we will turn the land of Kurdistan to the grave of his enemies”.

The statement also notes that the loss suffered by the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia), “befall all who encroach on the Kurds” . “Exactly how we won the “Daishev” (the Arabic name of the IG), will also oppose anyone who wants to occupy our land,” – said the “Peshmerga”.

Such a reaction was caused by announced on Wednesday the government of Iraqi Kurdistan, in which it reported on the preparation by the government forces of Iraq’s massive attack on the Autonomous region. As reported in his Twitter the security Council of the autonomy, he gets a “threat information” that the Shiite militia and troops of the Federal police, which is subordinate to the Central authorities, are preparing “a large attack on Kurdistan,” accumulating forces from the direction of the South-West of Kirkuk and Northern Mosul.

We’re receiving msgs dangerous Iraqi forces, incl PMU & Pol Fed, are preparing a major attack in the South/West Kirkuk & Mosul on North Kurdistan.

The KR Security Council (@KRSCPress) October 11, 2017

Baghdad has denied these allegations, stating that in the capital “don’t even consider the attack.” Meanwhile, according to some Iraqi media, the forces of “Peshmerga” some time ago has blocked routes leading from other Iraqi regions to the capital of the region Erbil. At the same time, as stated in the command of the Iraqi armed forces, the activity of the governmental forces associated with the onset of the last strongholds of the ISIS in the cities of al-Qaim and Rawa in the direction which has moved the strike force.

25 September in Iraqi Kurdistan held a referendum on independence. Local High electoral Commission announced two days later that over 90% participated in the plebiscite were in favor of secession from Iraq. The government in Baghdad considers the referendum unconstitutional and does not recognize its results.