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TASS, 8 Aug. At least five tourists were killed and another 63 people were injured on Tuesday in the earthquake in China. This was reported by Chinese TV channel CGTN.

Earlier it was reported about four victims and more than 30 injured. Information on the nationality of the victims is not given.

How, in turn, told AFP, the government of China expressed concern that the earthquake killed and injured about a hundred people.

The victims of the incident could be a few hundred people, according to the portal Sina.

The earthquake and its consequences

According to the Chinese seismological center, an earthquake of magnitude 7 occurred on Tuesday in the province of Sichuan (southwest China). The focus lies at a depth of 20 kilometers. The epicenter was located, according to preliminary estimates, in the 280-300 km Northwest of Chengdu (the administrative center of Sichuan) .

As noted by the CGTN, after the first underground shock was recorded more than 100 re. To the scene sent 610 firefighters and the military. The authorities organized the evacuation of local residents, said the Agency “Xinhua”.

According to AFP, due to aftershocks damaged about 130 thousand homes.

The earthquake occurred in Jiuzhaigou, which is the same Park that attracts large numbers of tourists. According to “Xinhua”, on Tuesday, it was visited by more than 38 thousand people.

Seismologists expect a repeat of the powerful earthquake

The specialists of the Chinese seismological center expected in the near future in Sichuan, another strong earthquake of a magnitude of about 6.0, according to Sina. “We observed the aftershocks are pretty small, their extinction is somewhat unusual, therefore there is a possibility of another massive earthquake,” – said to journalists in the center.

Local cellular operators have entered the territory of the affected areas free telephony.

As reported by the competent services, such measures due to the critical situation in the province: according to preliminary estimates, under the rubble in Sichuan could be about 100 tourists.