Actor Val Kilmer

© AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

NEW YORK, may 1. /Offset. TASS Alexey Kachalin/. American actor Val Kilmer has confirmed the accuracy of the information about the presence of a cancer. This was reported in the Sunday People magazine after meeting the 57-year-old actor and his fans.

“Long enough for Michael Douglas claimed that you have terminal cancer. What was that about?” – asked the actor at the meeting. “Obviously, he was trying to help me, because at that time the press were interested in where I’ve gone. I was undergoing cancer treatment,” said Kilmer.

He explained that it was difficult to say and, respectively, to communicate with journalists. “My tongue was swollen, despite treatment. I didn’t sound as usual. Even now people may think I’m sick,” said Kilmer .

In October last year, the American actor Michael Douglas, who previously was diagnosed with throat cancer and who managed to overcome the disease, told the audience in London fans that his partner for the film “the Ghost and the darkness” (The Ghost and the Darkness, 1996) “the same thing that was” from him and “the situation is not too good.” This incautious phrase gave the fans a reason to suspect that Kilmer is dying. Then Val was quick to refute the rumors.

Val Kilmer starred in more than 80 films, in particular, acted in the role of iconic musician Jim Morrison in “the doors” (The Doors, 1991). Other famous works of the Kilmer became the role in the film “thunderheart” (Thunderheart, 1992), “Fight” (Heat, 1995), Batman forever (Batman Forever, 1995), “the Island of Dr. Moreau” (The Island of Dr. Moreau, 1996), “Alexander” (Alexander, 2004).