Medical network “Dobrobut” (Kyiv) is studying the possibility to open in 2018 maternity ward.

“We plan to pursue ophthalmology and seriously think about the maternity ward,” – said the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” the General Director of Medsite “Dobrobut” Oleg Kalashnikov, commenting on projects that “welfare” plans to implement or start in 2018.

“Welfare” plans in 2018 to develop outpatient clinics, increasing the network in Kiev for another two to three clinics.

In addition, the network is exploring the possibility of expanding the surgical complex in Solomensky district of the capital one case of a hospital where you will develop, including cardiac surgery.

O. Kalashnikov said that the network plans to begin development in the regions of Ukraine. “At some point, we want to go beyond Kiev and begin to develop its regional network, because our goal is to become the national operator of the No. 1 market for medical services,” he said .

The CEO of Medsite noted that “welfare” has invested in the opening of a new multidisciplinary surgical hospital 108 million UAH, the source of which became as own resources reinvested profits of the company and borrowed funds shareholders and banks.

“Opening a new building at 47 Commerce, we increased the total bed capacity of the complex up to 75, 12 – intensive care. The average number of days of stay of the patient in our hospital is only 3.7 in adult surgery and 1.6 in the nursery. Thus, we proved that the modern one day surgery, available in Ukraine”, – he said.

According to O. Kalashnikov, in 2017 inpatient treatment in “Dobrobut” received 3280 adults and 850 children, was performed 3609 surgical intervention in 20 areas of surgical profile.

As reported, the medical network “Dobrobut” has launched a new multidisciplinary surgical hospital for adults and children in the Solomensky district of the capital. Area surgical hospital 3,115 thousand square meters, it is designed for the provision of services in the field of Pediatrics (somatic paediatric) cardiac surgery, Oncology (branch hall of chemotherapy), as well as urology and gynecology.

Medset “Dobrobut” was opened in 2001, the network included four children’s clinics, two polyclinics for adults, hospital adult neurorehabilitation centre, station emergency, family medical and diagnostic center, and medical center for children and adults. Annually, the network serves about 1.5 million patients.