MOSCOW, April 19. /TASS/. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev expressed confidence that the current level of food security unprecedented in the history of the country.

“Let us not dissemble: those crops that we collect significant way different from what it was in Soviet times, as well as addressing issues of food security”, – he told, answering questions of parliamentary factions in the annual report of the government. “We have reached such levels of food security that are inherent in the Doctrine (the food security of the Russian Federation), and who would in previous years – in the post-Soviet, nor in Soviet period – we have not achieved,” – said the Prime Minister. “We essentially feed themselves. This is an outstanding result,” he said.

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He added that such a result is a result of the rural development programme over the last 10-12 years .

Responding to a suggestion from the Communist party to support the appropriation of the agricultural sector, with an additional in 2017 100 billion in short-term loans and investment projects to agricultural producers, Medvedev noted that the government refuses to address this issue. “We can go and short-term loans and investment loans. This kind of treatment by the Ministry of agriculture in the government there. They will be carefully considered. But if you pose this question – I refer to the colleagues from the Communist party, then, if you consider it appropriate to support agriculture, I would ask you to support the budget bill because there are inherent this provision”, – said the Prime Minister.

Speaking about the problem of uncultivated land, the Prime Minister noted that the government’s objective is to attract such land. “To this end was adopted the new law on turnover of agricultural land, and the responsibility of those who hold such land. In that sense, the task of government – to bring this law before the execution , involve unused arable land in agriculture”, he concluded.