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MOSCOW, December 23. /TASS/. The Prime Minister, the Chairman of “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev confirmed that the party supports Vladimir Putin in the Russian presidential election in 2018.

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“This year the party was 16 years of age. And all these years she had one undisputed leader. The leader who unites the most different people. Unites Russia. The one who to trust and who supports the vast majority of citizens of our country – Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin”, – said Medvedev at the Congress of “United Russia”.

Medvedev believes that the current XVII party Congress – the “most widespread and influential party is always an event of special political importance.” “The decisions of our Congress is really the voice of the majority. The voice of those with us was a pre-election program, who supported us in the elections, and entrusted to make Russia strong and prosperous country”. He is convinced: “Such a country needs a strong and clear leader.” “That is why the upcoming presidential elections are for the party a major political event in 2018”, he added.

He reminded that party members “has long been firmly identified, who will support”. The Prime Minister also said that “United Russia” welcomes Vladimir Putin’s decision to go to the presidential elections as an independent candidate.

“As a responsible political force, we understand that in the current situation, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is right to draw on the widest possible strata of citizens outside of the party context. And we welcome the decision of Vladimir Putin’s self-promotion”, – said Medvedev at the Congress of “United Russia”.

“We will provide to You, Vladimir Vladimirovich, with all possible support. And now. And in the future!”, said Medvedev, referring to Putin, who took part in the Congress.


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“United Russia” – a constitutional majority in the State Duma, a comfortable majority in regional parliaments and in the vast majority of municipalities. That is, the whole vertical of the legislature embraces our party. We are more than 2 million 200 thousand members and about 900 thousand of its supporters. We have almost 90 thousand primary organizations throughout the country,” – stated Medvedev.

“All of our options will serve the same goal. What purpose? To 18 next March was the day of the unconditional victory of our candidate Vladimir Putin”, – he assured.

Dmitry Medvedev also instructed to create a pool of election observers from “an United Russia” to prevent abuses and excesses. “The election campaign has just begun. Presidential elections should be completely transparent and legitimate. Therefore, as the Chairman of the party, I instruct to create a pool of observers from “United Russia”, – said the Prime Minister.

Medvedev stressed that violations and “excesses” are not allowed. According to him, it is important for our political system, for the normal, civilized development of our country. “Sure wish all the people of Russia. And we have an obligation to provide it,” he concluded.