According to the decision of Donetsk regional court of appeal, the election Commission of the 50th district in Pokrovsk had to re-count the votes at the extraordinary elections of people’s deputies on 3 sites, however, as of August 2, the court decision is not executed, therefore the police started pre-trial investigation.

“The inaction of the district election Commission entails criminal liability. The actions of the OIC members qualified under part 1 of article 382 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (failure to comply with a court decision entered into legal force). The sanction of article prescribes punishment in the form of a fine up to one thousand free minima of incomes of citizens (UAH 17 – if) or imprisonment up to 3 years, said on Friday the Department of communication of the police of the Donetsk region.

The information States that now the police are carrying out necessary investigative actions. The investigation is on control of the management of the police in Donetsk region.

As reported, on July 21 in Ukraine held an extraordinary elections of people’s deputies.

On July 22, the Civil network OPORA reported that in the constituency №50 with the center in the town of Pokrovsk Donetsk region there was a conflict after observers noticed differences in the figures in the report of the Commission, and the Chairman of district election Commission were hospitalized.

As reported by the observers of OPORA, during the reception of documents in the precinct election Commission No. 140065 observers from parties and candidates noticed differences in the protocols available to observers, and transmitted from the PEC to the Dec.

“The observers demanded that the Chairman of the OIC read out the Protocol and all the numbers therein indicated, however, the Chairman of the district Commission refused to do and tried to leave the room. Observers tried to stop her physically, locking the door,” – said in a statement on the website of Civil network.

According to information, at the same time, street activists have set up some tents and began to demolish the bus, demanding honest elections and preventing fraud. The police asked to clean bus, from-for what between protesters and police there was a verbal sparring.

“Around 22:45 the head of OIK No. 50 took the ambulance due to complaints of poor health,” – said in the message.

On July 23 in Pokrovsk was sent a helicopter force air support of the Ministry of internal Affairs to stabilize the situation in the counting of votes in the Dec №50. “To stabilize the situation in OIC No. 50 in Pokrovsk during the counting of votes and to prevent complications of the operational situation decided to throw in the air reserves groups of special forces of national police force air support”,- reported the evening of 23 July on the website of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine in the social network Facebook on Tuesday evening.

On July 30, the division of police of the Donetsk region reported that the decision of the OIC No. 50 building, where the election documents, was placed under the protection of police and law enforcement officers will provide security until recovery of the Commission’s work, according to the regional. Then the police pointed out that the OIC did not resumed its work.