YEKATERINBURG, July 31. /TASS/. Memoir, “Personal life” widow of Russia’s first President Naina Yeltsin will be translated into English and French. On Monday TASS reported the press service of “Yeltsin Centre”, where took place the presentation of the publication.

“The book of Naina Iosifovna Yeltsina “Personal life” will be translated into English and French. The transfer has not yet begun,” – said there.

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“Naya, I decided to resign”: excerpts from the memoirs of Naina Yeltsin

For the first time excerpts from the future book Naina Yeltsin read out in Yekaterinburg February 1, 2017, the birthday of the first President of Russia. “Such emotional States as in his native city, was not anywhere. That day was some kind of decisive,” said Yeltsin at presentation in Yekaterinburg, noting that for a long time questioned the need to publish their memories .

According to the author, the memoirs cover the period from 1930-ies to date, there are no historical and political assessments. “The book, indeed, born in agony, five years of hard work … I never felt like the first lady, the wife of the President, I was the wife of Boris Yeltsin,” – said Yeltsin.

Books editor Lyudmila Telen said that Naina Yeltsin, very attentive to details and words, so the edition was finalized until the last moment. “We continued to work on the book after the lights went out in the first 300 copies … it seems to Me that in this book – the voice of Naina Iosifovna” she said.

The book is published with a circulation of 10 thousand copies. The presentation took place in Moscow and St. Petersburg. “It is possible that the presentation will be held in other cities, negotiations”, – said the press service of “Yeltsin Centre”.