A group of activists of the Odessa public with the assistance of the local utilities decided to make the demolition of a memorial stone to the Marshal of the Soviet army, Georgy Zhukov.

About it writes the edition “USN 1492”, reports “Russian conversation”.

On the stated information, the elimination of the facility took place on Sunday, may 7. Plate mounted in advance in the place where he planned to erect later a full-fledged monument to the officer of the Soviet Union.

The memorial was located on the Avenue Marshal Zhukov, now renamed in honor of the Heavenly hundred. The initiators of the memorial stone were the representatives of the Communist party, which is now banned in Kiev at the legislative level.

Demolition of foundations for the monument was preceded by a skirmish with police officers. The utility came into place with appropriate equipment .

Previously, “Russian conversation” was told that several men were detained at one of the Odessa streets after allegedly been spotted Soviet red star on the car. During a police check the citizens have experienced some bullying because of his position.