Belarusian opposition said on Sunday a March and rally the day of commemoration of ancestors “Dzyady”, the correspondent of Agency “Interfax-West”.

The event was organized by the Conservative Christian party BPF. The protesters gathered at the site near the watch plant “Luch”, then the column proceeded in Kurapaty – the place of mass burial of victims of Stalinist repression held a memorial meeting.

The event was attended by several hundred people.

Police accompanied the convoy of people from the very beginning of the action, the March and rally passed off without incident.

“Dzyady” occur every year in Belarus on 2 November.

Kurapaty near Minsk, where the opposition traditionally holds its share in the commemoration of ancestors, is considered a place of burial of victims of Stalinist repression. According to different estimates, were buried here from 30 thousand to 100 thousand people. Territory burial occupies 15 hectares and protected by the state.

On the territory of the tract a memorial sign on behalf of the people of the United States. It was opened on 15 January 1994 during the visit of the President of the USA bill Clinton. Clinton participated in the opening ceremony of the memorial sign.