German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday, may 15 that security in Europe in the long term is impossible without Russia, for this reason, a politician says that Germany should “maintain a critical dialogue” with Moscow. It is reported by TASS, reports “Russian conversation”.

Merkel gave a speech in Ravensburg the event in memory of the deceased in 2014 German politics Andreas Shockenhoff.

During his speech the Chancellor stressed the importance of contacts with Russia, but urged not to close our eyes to the annexation of Crimea to Russia and to other’s actions that allegedly affected “the essence of international law.”

In addition, Merkel once again called for the preservation of the nuclear deal with Iran and warned of the dangers of protectionism in world politics.

“Trade war ultimately know only losers. To believe that Germany will be able to achieve something, if we don’t maintain unity [in Europe], – astray,” she said.

Recall that the second package of anti-Russian sanctions the United States in connection with the so-called “business Skrypalia” prepared and sent to the head of the American foreign Ministry Mike Pompeo and the White house to Donald Trump.

In addition, the head of the Ukrainian foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin made accusations in the address of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe adopted the resolution that opens the way for Russia’s return to PACE under the emergency procedure.

As previously reported, Zakharova sternly responded to claims of interior Minister of Estonia on the territory of Russia.