Lionel Messi is not the only player who is interested in his eldest son.

Barcelona forward Lionel Messi said that his eldest son Thiago is the only one of three children who is interested in football.

The Argentinian was named favorite players Thiago, among them rival Messi – Ronaldo.

“Thiago is the only one who loves football, but he does it for three. MATEO also understands a lot. They come to workout to be closer to me. Tiago is constantly asking questions about football, he watches over all.

Favorite player besides me? Yes, there are several. He talks a lot about Luis Suarez, with whom we have excellent relations, about Griezmann, about Arturo Vidal from his first day at the club – because of the hair and all that. About the players of other teams too, says Mbappe, Cristiano, Neymar. Tiago knows everything, he loves football,” Messi was quoted by Mundo Deportivo.

Earlier Messi talking about Ronaldo called him a predator.

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