The mother of the Deputy of city legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Maxim Reznik attacked journalists FAN in the arrivals area of the airport Pulkovo. The woman began to remove correspondents on the phone’s camera, and when staff FAN-TV informed her that also are shooting, the mother of the butcher attacked them with his fists.

Probably the character of rowdy and rowdy went to the would-be Deputy mother. Maxim Reznik became the hero of a major scandal after the demonstration on may 1 in St. Petersburg. On the March the Deputy acted inappropriately, shouted slogans, provoking the police. All those present formed the opinion that the MP is in a condition of narcotic intoxication.

Then in the newspaper “Neva news” brought a video footage which Reznik lights on the shared balcony of the house with marijuana. After the scandal the MP went into hiding in the Czech Republic, where, as you know, are liberal to use “light” drugs. The press, he said that the trip was long-planned.

Before leaving the MP reporters FAN managed to buy the service Avito leather jacket MP, which was sold by his wife Kseniya Kazarina, and handed over to law enforcement. Examination revealed upper garment, formerly owned by Maxim Reznik, traces of drugs. The police sort out what happened.

Source: FAN, pink news