Photo: EPA Putin told stone about the Spanish Manager

In an interview with the Director, the President of the Russian Federation told about the Manager who followed the flight of MH17.

The President of Russia in the framework of their conversations with American Director Oliver stone said that for the accident flight MH17 in Ukraine could be seen by the Manager “of Spanish origin”, which allegedly had seen a number of combat aircraft.

These words are given in the full version of the conversation on 4 July 2015, which is in September 2017 will be published in the book “Interview with Vladimir Putin”. The passage leads the TV channel Rain, read the book before it was published.

“As far as I know, immediately after this terrible disaster, one of the Ukrainian air traffic controllers, in my opinion, he is a specialist of Spanish descent, declared that he had seen in the hallway of civil aircraft fighting machine . No other fighting vehicles, in addition to Ukrainian, there could not be”, – Putin said.

The Russian leader also says that if a passenger Boeing was shot down by a missile from the ground, it could occur only from positions of the Ukrainian army.

“As for the Buk system, which strikes from the ground, according to our experts, not only intelligence services but also of the ballistics experts, the blow was struck in the tail of the aircraft,” – said Putin.

Why this conversation was not included in the TV version of interview of Vladimir Putin, is not specified.

Recall the “Spanish Manager” who allegedly worked at the Kiev airport Borispol, under the pseudonym spainbuca in Twitter published the following record: “Military aircraft flew close to 777 three minutes before it disappeared from radar, only three minutes.” Your account has been blocked. In a press-service of the state-owned UkSATSE said that the Manager with such name in Ukraine.

Earlier, the Bellingcat published a new photo that proves that flight MH17 was shot down from the Russian Beech.

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