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News of Ukraine: Ivan Kupala is one of the oldest Ukrainian holidays, which keeps memories of the magic power of nature.

It was in the night from 6 July to 7 Ukrainka once, and even today, people gather together and wonder at their “sweethearts”. Divination on Midsummer have long been considered the most predelami and life-changing. According to legends, on the night of Midsummer, the trees move from place to place and talking to each other, and grass acquire a miraculous power. That is why, traditionally, on Kupala’s night no one should sleep. After sunset was always exuberant and cheerful holiday with girlish divination.

Guessing at her spouse

Through various divination you can find out the name of her spouse. The most common way is to go outside and ask the first comer man his name. So the name would be your betrothed.

Another popular divination involves the use of a knife . It is first on the sheet of paper need to draw a circle and write around the circle all the letters of the alphabet. After you need to put a knife in the center and twist it. What letter would show the knife edge, and it will begin the name of her spouse.

You can also write notes with men’s names on slips of paper and twist them into tubes that need to be put under the pillow. After that you should go to bed. The next morning, you need to pull one of the notes. Name written in it, will be called and predestined.

Divination by fire

Usually a festive night of Ivan Kupala the youth start a big fire and jump through it. There is a belief that if the flames jumped not for – auspicious sign that predicts the girls a speedy and happy marriage, but guys good luck in business and love.

Divination by wreath

Also in the evening, at sunset, girls weaving wreaths of forest and wildflowers. Then they make a wish, drop them in the lake or river, And if a wreath floated away, then the wish will come true, but if the wreath after a short time reached the shore near the place where it is lowered into the water – will have to wait until next year to again try his fate.

Divination by circles on the water

For this unusual divination on Ivan Kupala, to better know their fate with the betrothed, in a wide and deep bowl, pour water. When comes the sunset, the girls must whisper to say the water is your desire, then throw a small pebble. If the number of circles on the water will be fresh – then the wish will come true if odd wish will not come true.

Guessing on colors

No wonder that on the holiday of Ivan Kupala lovers looking for the fern flower that only blooms in Midsummer night. Therefore, with such an unusual guessing at her spouse, as with flowers, the girls paid the most attention. On the eve of the girls sit in a circle, it has collected together all the different flowers. One of the girls picks the flowers one by one, saying: “this flower Who will go?”, and the other girl who was sitting with his back to the flowers, calls the name of someone in the audience.

After this, a flower who gets judged on the attitude conceived by man:

Hawthorn – there is hope for love.

Cornflower – in you will fall in love.

Bindweed – he’ll never love.

Carnation (white) – sadness.

Carnation (yellow) disdain.

Carnation (red) – passionate love.

Dahlia – gratitude.

Jasmine – only “grooming” that does not predict serious intentions.

Bell – don’t believe him, fool.

Buttercup – date all will become clear.

Daisy is a shy love.

Mint – love you very much.

Forget-me-not – afraid to lose you.

Marigold – you will break up.

Peony – shame for his deed.

Rose (white) – loves but doesn’t show it.

Rose (red) – longing for you.

Chamomile – he doubts his love.