Mikalai Autukhovich

A former political prisoner appealed to the security forces.

The text of the appeal was published on Facebook.

“I, Mikalai Autukhovich, the participant of operations in Afghanistan, established his own business, fighting corruption and was sent to prison for it for eight and a half years. Now I appeal to you as people who are obliged to protect the interests of the people and the state, not the gangster regime that seized power in Belarus.

The current regime led the country to the depletion of the economy, the impoverishment of the people and degradation of all spheres of social life, from education and healthcare to the pension system. Been short of funds and the maintenance of a huge and ramified system of the power unit.

You as lawyers and people with special education, I understand the illegality of the manner in which Mr. Lukashenko and his associates hold power in our country. And you know how we have violated national legislation and international commitments signed by the Republic of Belarus.

You are often forced to break the Law, commit crimes. This happened several times and in other countries. Suffice it to recall the experience of Nazi Germany and the destruction of the population of their country by the NKVD. All of you perfectly remember, what it led to. You have the option to refuse to perform obviously criminal orders. Sooner or later the choice will have to do. We have an extensive archive documented a huge number of such cases, there are specific names and positions. Not to aggravate their guilt.

Over the years spent in captivity, I developed a plan to restore law and justice in the country. For the subsequent time has created opportunities for its implementation. My team organized the events of the near time will be of crucial importance for the Republic of Belarus.

I took part in the fighting on the territory of other States, risked his life at the whim of crazed leaders of the Soviet government. Today I without pathos can say that he is ready to fight to the end for the restoration of law and justice, for our freedom and for the liberation of my country from the illegal and criminal regime.

Security forces that will be thrown at my detention, warned that he is ready to defend itself by any accessible means. I urge you to remember their officer’s honor and duty, and to remember who you serve. You must serve only the Belarusian PEOPLE and no one else!

You’re forced to defend the illegal regime, which enslaved and intimidated the PEOPLE to such an extent that people massively leaving the country, take their own lives out of despair. And insatiable power all the way to continue to siphon people’s money, power, and life itself. Makes them “parasites”, outcasts, criminals.

Save the respect for the high rank officer! So you are despised do not get in our way, don’t be a self-appointed defenders of the anti-people politicians. Think about your families and about the world in which to live your children.

We are not criminals and not terrorists, we are Belarusians, citizens of their country. We protest against the tyranny of the current illegal regime. We made a choice for the triumph of law and justice, for the sake of prosperity of independent Belarus. Do you and your: to support the demands of the people or simply not carry out criminal orders is the most reasonable and honest solution.

New democratic Belarus would need your honor and dignity, experience and professionalism. Be with his people. This will always remain and in your biographies, and in our shared history,” wrote Nicholas Autukhovich.