Military experts told why ptrk 9K111 Fagot and konkurs still remain immortal in the ranks of the Russian army. The first type of weapons, despite his 50 years of age, excels in combat operations in Syria, Libya and Yemen. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

As you know, faggot was the first domestic ATGM with semi-automatic
a guidance system. He was transferred in two packs crew of two people: the pack
No. 1 (commander of the calculation) – launcher (mass 22.5 kg) pack No. 2 (second
the number of the calculation) – two missiles in transport-launch container (weight 26.85
kg). In the West, the unit received the name AT-4 Spigot.

The above combat
installation can penetrate 400 mm of armor and interior equipment
tank. Control system ATGM allowed to hit targets at distances from 70 to
2000 m .

In 1974, the armament was adopted by the military
the car on the chassis of the 9P148 BRDM-2 with ATRA 9K113 konkurs. In his
more new ATRA was able to penetrate the armor thickness of 550 mm, and
the range was from 75 to 4000 meters.

As mentioned earlier, Britain afraid of Russian missiles “Zircon”, which is 6 times faster than sound.

According to British media
the above type of Russian weapons capable of speeds up to 7.4
thousands of km/h, which is 6 times faster than the speed of sound. In the reference material to
the article States that “Zircon” is now in status
“testing” and the missile must be deployed by 2022.

British experts that
one strike Russian missiles can destroy all the modern flagship of the fleet
of the country.