Messages discovered off the North Norwegian coast Belukha mount for action Cam has attracted interest from the military of the country, informs Agency Associated Press with reference to the Management of fisheries of Norway.

“In military circles in Norway has shown considerable interest (for this situation – if),” – said Monday the representative of management jørgen Wiig Ri.

According to him, last week, the Norwegian fishermen notice a whale the body of which, closer to the head, tightened the belt. And it was the camera mount. The representative of the office noted that on the belt was written in Latin “Equipment of Saint-Petersburg” (St Equipment.Petersburg).

Norwegian naval experts believe that the whale was probably trained by Russian specialists of the Navy.

“Experts in Norway believe that the Beluga was trained in the Navy of Russia in the framework of the program aimed at the use of aquatic mammals as special forces,” writes the Guardian.

According to the Professor, the Arctic University of Norway in tromsø Audana of Richardson, “it is very likely that the attitude towards this business has specialists to the Russian Navy in Murmansk.”

The fishermen who first reported the discovery of the animal in coastal Norwegian waters, told that the animal was friendly and tame. According to them, when one of them went down into the water to remove the belt Beluga whale, a mammal not the least bit frightened. This indicates that the animal used to being around her people are.


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