A psychology Professor from a Japanese University Ritsumeikan of Acasi Kitaoka published a photograph of the fruit of the strawberry and offered to Network users to call her real color. Users of this picture is only a quarrel.

According to “Russian conversation”, most users resented the question a scientist from Kyoto, because while viewing the photo it seems that strawberry red.

Your fotoworks scientist has posted on his page in the microblog Twitter. He had no idea what the controversy will raise the question about the color of strawberries in the photo.

Fotosearch was an illusion. In fact, the image of the fruit of the strawberry is not red, as it seemed to most people.

One of the users figured out the trick to the Japanese researchers, isolating the red pixels in the form of squares on a white background . All pixels were gray, and the red color was nothing more than an optical illusion.

Note, about 2 years ago, the Network blasted the illusion with the color of the dress. Some saw it as white and gold and others as black and blue.

Octyaberskaya this oddity of perception seen by the fact that the human brain perceives different image, depending on the illumination of the object.