Forecast balance of electricity in Ukraine to 2018, approved by the Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik October 2, involves the growth of energy consumption by 1.4% – to 151 billion kWh, which corresponds to the dynamics of expected growth of power consumption in the current year.

As reported by the Ministry, the export of electricity is provided in the amount of 5.88 billion kWh, which is 3.7% lower than in the forecast balance-2017, last updated in late may of this year.

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The deterioration of the forecast is due to expected lower supply in Moldova (on average, to 90 million kWh in a month), while exports to Poland, according to the Ministry, will increase from 80 to 100 million kWh per month, while deliveries to Europe Burshtyn island will remain at about 300 million kWh per month.

The import of electricity in 2018, and this year is not planned .

The main sources to cover demand for the next year are: AES – 84 billion kWh (-0,5% to the balance-2017 version of the end of may this year), TES – 49,76 billion kWh (+1,6%), CHP and cogeneration – 12,12 billion kWh (+5,1%), HPS – 8 billion kWh (-4,5%).

It is assumed that alternative sources (WPP, SPP, other) will increase electricity production by 20.8% – to 2.03 billion kWh, PSP – 6.2%, to 1.81 billion kWh, the block-stations – by 5.3%, to 1.61 billion kWh.

To ensure the production of electricity, thermal balance-2018 provides for the consumption of 26.6 million tons of coal, 1.3% higher than the balance-2017. At the same time, the consumption of anthracite grades are expected to drop from 7.08 million tonnes to 4.95 million tonnes.

It is also assumed that the supply of gas for thermal power plants and CHP will increase by 8 per cent to 4.87 billion cu m, and delivery of fuel oil will decrease by 3.9 times – up to 72,2 thousand tons.

As reported, electricity consumption in Ukraine in January-August of 2017, taking into account technological losses in networks increased by 1.5% (1.42 billion kWh) compared to the same period of 2016 to 97,84 billion kW-h, informed the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” in the Ministry of energy and coal industry. Without taking into account technological losses, the growth amounted to 1.2% (0.92 million kWh) – up to 77,95 billion kWh.