To search for the missing Russian servicemen joined the 102nd military unit. The statement was made the Southern military district.

As reported
“Russian conversation”, the defense Ministry of Russia noted that
yesterday, April 18, a contractor who lived in the territory of a military base in
yet unknown reasons did not appear to serve in part.

preliminary information, police in the Armenian town of Gyumri of the beginning of the search
the Russian soldier Dmitry Lashmanov, which on 16 April followed
shopping and did not return.
It is known that he was unarmed and was dressed in civilian clothes.

We will note, earlier “Russian
The dialogue,” wrote that despite all the measures taken by the Armenian law enforcement authorities,
at the moment, the contractor Lashmanova never given to find. His fate all
still unknown .

In Gyumri there was a terrible incident
the Russian military Valery Permyakov, who brutally murdered his
automatic weapons Armenian family while she slept.