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The Russian defense Ministry has published on its YouTube channel a video with unique shots of training, the aerial part of the Victory Parade in Moscow.


Victory Parade — 2017
That will show at a military parade in Moscow on may 9

In the aviation part of the parade involved 72 aircraft and helicopters, in single formation flying over red square.

On the eve of the Victory Day parade training reaches maximum intensity, requiring pilots of high-skill, precision, and coherence.

Air system opens the world’s largest military-transport helicopter Mi-26 accompanied by four Mi-8. It is followed by Mi-28N, Mi-35, Ka-52.

“Highlight” of the air show this year will be a new build of the strike group of five long-range aircraft. A group of four long-range bombers Tu-22M3 will lead the strategic bomber Tu-160 “White Swan” .

Also at the rehearsal it was possible to see the strategic bombers Tu-95MS bombers, tanker aircraft Il-78 military transport aircraft An-124 and Il-76MD, the su-35S, su – SOM, su-27, MiG-29, MiG-31BM, frontline bombers su-34, su-24M, su-25, combat training aircraft Yak-130.