Michael Tytarchuk



Ukraine begins to pay enough attention to tourism, the issue has reached a very high level.

Ukraine finally began to relate to the tourism industry as an important part of the economy. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of economic development and trade Mikhail Tytarchuk.

“It is very important that in Ukraine the attitude to tourism, the issue has reached a very high level,” said Tytarchuk in the fields opened in Berlin 51st tourism fair International Travel Market (ITB).

According to him, now “there is a clear understanding that tourism is an important part of GDP.” In developed countries it is about 10%, in our country, unfortunately, “this is a very small percent,” the Deputy Minister said, without specifying a figure. However, he noted that there is a tendency to increase the attendance of our country by foreign tourists . In 2016, the number was about 13 million overseas in the same period was visited by about 15 million Ukrainians.

He recalled that the Ministry for 2017-2020 year has made tourism development a priority, despite the fact that “the industry has since 1991 no one has worked specifically and methodically”. For the first time allocated a budget of $ 30 million for the purpose of promotion. Current 2017 established the UN Year of sustainable tourism development, is awaiting the signature of the presidential decree on the Year of tourism in Ukraine. Was recently registered by the national tourist organisation (NTO) were mentioned by the interviewee.

Tytarchuk drew attention to the fact that it is necessary to actively and widely promote tourist routes, not limited to has hyped brands like Odessa or Lviv. He noted the presence in the land of opportunity for medical tourism, for example. According to the Deputy Minister, is working on the branding of cities and regions, and improve coordination between cities for tourists, without which the activities will not be effective. Such major international events as the Eurovision song contest, various exhibitions, international ice hockey tournament play a big role in how to show to foreigners that Ukraine is a safe country to them in which to arrive.

Held in the German capital from 8 to 12 March, the ITB, the official believes is very important for Ukraine in terms of promotion of the country. In the framework of the scheduled series of meetings with foreign colleagues and heads of international organizations, including the world tourism organization. He also said that Ukraine’s own tourism exhibition will be held in late March and in may. And in early April at the Days of Ukrainian culture in Antalya, invited over 100 representatives of the Ukrainian tourist industry.

The fair is attended by about 10 thousand companies from 184 countries and regions.