A hat-trick scored 18-year-old Vladislav Lozhkin.

Minsk “Dynamo”, which completes the first collection of the season in Sochi, held the second control sparring against local team FC “Physician” acting in the Premier League in Krasnodar region. Team Gurenko won a landslide victory with the score 6:2. A hat-trick scored 18-year-old Vladislav Lozhkin, reports tut.by.

FC “Medic” — “Dinamo-Minsk” — 2:6

First half: Rudenok (Shpakovsky, 30), Rios, Shvetsov, INP, Rodionov, INP, goats, Klimovich, Danilo, Bahar, Likavka (Bilonog, 30).

Second half: shpakovskiy (carpenters, 62), Khalimonchik, Shvetsov, INP, Rodionov, Brucic, goats (INP, 60), Borodin, Olekhnovich, INP, Bilonog (Lozhkin, 60).

Goals: Otruba, 9; Bahar, 11; Stavka, 28; Lozhkin, 63; Borodin, 74 (penalty); Lozhkin, 76; Ottova, 77; Lozhkin, 90.

Note that the first distinguished “doctors”, who opened the scoring in the ninth minute of the match. But the Belarusian club in the class managed to win a landslide victory over the Russian team.

We will remind, in the first match at the training camp in Russia “Dinamo” lost to team Germany “Avangard” with the score 2:4.

After the first training camp, the team will play in Minsk two friendly matches:

8 Feb against “Vitebsk”, beginning at 14.00;

11 Feb against “Belshina”, beginning at 14.00.

Both matches will be held at the stadium “Dinamo-Yuni”.

During the Turkish training camp from 15 February to 1 March Minsk will play against “livadeia”, Moscow “Dynamo” and Petersburg “Zenith”, “Volyn” and Jurmala “Spartak”.