Elena Zerkal
Photo: president.gov.ua

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine said about a major achievement in dispute with Russia.

Ukraine defeated Russia in the “it field” after the decision of the ICJ in the case concerning the financing of terrorism. Now the final decision should be expected before 2022. This was stated on Tuesday, November 12, at a briefing in Kiev Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Elena serkal, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

“We ask the court, first, to establish the fact of violation. Secondly, to stop the violation, and thirdly, to compensate for all damages associated with this violation,” she said.

Zerkal noted the uniqueness of the decision of the court of UN on recognition of its jurisdiction to hear the case “Ukraine against Russia,” and believes that “Kiev won with the score 5:0 in the field, which has always been a field of Russians, this field of international law, diplomacy.” She called it a great achievement of Ukrainian diplomacy and lawyers”.

Thus, according to her, the decision of the ICJ in the case is not expected before 2022.

“If you calculate accordingly with the established practice of the court, in December of next year Russia should apply approximately the same number of documents to the court. Then the court must grant us the right to study and response to these documents. This is usually three to four months. If such a quantity can be up to six months. After our reaction will give some time for the reaction of the Russian Federation on our response and after that will be assigned to the hearing. Indeed, the decision is not expected until 2022, and possibly beginning in 2023,” said she.

Also, answering a question about how much it costs the case to the state for the year zerkal noted that “it depends on the intensity of work in a year.”

“If this year we were preparing our statement of claim in the case, which concerns the immunity of warships, the hearing in Hamburg, then two rounds of hearings in the Hague on jurisdiction in the case in which the decision and in the case, which concerns the rights of Ukraine as a coastal state, really, this year we have a sum of 6 million dollars a year,” – said zerkal.

“The following year, of course this amount will be less, since the work will be much less if we continue to conduct business that concerns the immunities of warships and the illegality of Russia’s actions related to the detention of the Ukrainian military ships and crews, it will be one amount, if not continue another”, she added.

We will remind, the court of justice has sided with Ukraine in dispute with Russia, rejecting Russia’s objections on the question of jurisdiction in the Convention on combating financing of terrorism in the proceedings with Ukraine.

Recall, 16 January 2017 Ukraine has filed a lawsuit against Russia on violation of the two conventions on the suppression of the financing of terrorism and on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination.