24-year-old native of Kharkov Margarita Pasha, who won this year the title of “Miss Ukraine”, answering a question of representatives of mass media who said that the Peninsula belongs to “all people”. The corresponding statement she made during the celebration of the UN Day in Ukraine, according to Russian Dialogue.

“Crimea – all people. The whole area of the Land, it belongs to all of us,” she said, and added that he had visited the Crimea in childhood, and her favorite places on the Peninsula are foros and Yalta.

The girl also said that her sister currently lives in Feodosia.

After this statement, the Ukrainian media, which has become a tradition to ask the workers of culture of belonging of the Crimea, began to inflate scandal around statements by the Pasha.

A number of publications came out with the headline, which called the statement of Margaret “strange” and “ambiguous”.

Margarita Pasha has economic education, and now gets more and legal. In addition, she is a master of sports in gymnastics.

Earlier, the popular Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik refused to recognize the Crimea a territory of Ukraine and urged not to call the Peninsula “us,” if it is not such in fact. In addition, the artist has criticized the war in the Donbass, stating that the purpose of this conflict is unclear.

After these so-called “patriots” and representatives of nationalist organizations staged a “persecution” of the singer and promised to disrupt his concerts in Ukrainian cities.

Winnick also contributed to the database of the infamous the Internet-resource “Peacemaker” after the filming of the clip with the stars of the Russian platform and the participation in the project #the vsemmire.