Guests of the program “Let them talk” shocked that the actor still did not adequately perceive reality and not believe in something that lives on the street.

In the current edition of the program “Let them talk” Studio guests talking about the disappearance of actor Victor Skurikhina, known for her role in the acclaimed TV series “the Teacher”. Male five years has not been in contact with relatives and went to live on the street, according to “Russian conversation”.

The mother of the actor Galina Ivanovna, who appeared in the Studio, said that her son for several years does not support. After these words, the Studio came himself Skurikhin. His mother was much surprised to see an heir after years of absence, and he cried.

Victor began to comfort the mother. He said that he didn’t call her as was too busy filming in Tsaritsyno. “Today, my calling is to be creative and to serve God . In the first place, of course, the service,” said the man.

Experts in the Studio suggested that an artist has a serious brain injury where he can not adequately assess reality.