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Bogdan, Osipchuk


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News of show business: Bogdan Osipchuk said about his childhood, first love, relationships with judges “Model XL” and bodypositive.

Bogdan, Osipchuk sure that anyone can make a perfect body, but the real beauty is quite different: “Every man is the sculptor of my body, but more importantly chiseled forms the happiness he radiates. There are girls with a perfect figure, but man they have some reason not to fall in love. And there is a very large women that it is impossible to look away. Just need to know how to present yourself properly. My first love was also a lush girl, but it did not affect our relationship.”

A successful actor and the most handsome man in the world said that the road to success often faced with a skeptical attitude to their aspirations . Despite this, Bogdan realized that the main thing to believe in your own strength: “I grew up in a provincial town in an average Ukrainian family and everything you have made yourself. Very often, people doubt me — no one believed that I would become “Mr. world”, will star in feature films and visit Hollywood. Offered better to pick apples and to sell, not to develop and work on yourself. I am proud that I didn’t listen to the naysayers and went their own way, and I thank my parents for their support.”

Not so long ago, Bogdan, Osipchuk celebrated the anniversary, the actor turned 30 years old. As it turned out, a holiday he spent in the company of colleagues on the set of the project “Model XL” Catherine Osadchaya, Andre tan and Tatyana Matskevich: “judges “Model XL” we immediately found a common language. On the first day of shooting I had the feeling that have long been working together. I July 5 was the birthday and I invited my colleagues to the celebration. We can joke to each other, and support when necessary, but during judging, sometimes we have disputes, because everyone is guided by their experiences and goals for the project.”