Momentous events in history: 30 may 2018


Photo: from open sources

On this day, may 30 – the most interesting that has happened in Ukraine and the world!


UK – Spring holiday in the UK.

USA – memorial Day.

Fiji – Day Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna.

The day of Saint Joan of Arc.


1431 In Rouen, burned at the stake Joan of Arc.

1631 In France published a newspaper called “La Gazette”, and soon the word “newspaper” has entered into all European languages.

1896 in new York city officially recorded the first ever road traffic accident: the car Henry wells from Springfield collided with the bike Evelyn Thomas. The cyclist had a broken leg.

Disaster 1947 C-54 under Bainbridge. 53 people died -at that time the largest crash in the US.

1992 in Kiev, created the musical group “green grey”.

1999 in Minsk tragedy on Nemiga.

Born on this day:

1817 Herman Hagen, a German entomologist .

1896 Howard hawks, American film Director, screenwriter, producer.

1907 Germain Tillon, French ethnographer.

1945 Antonina Lefty, Ukrainian actress.

1958 Michael Eladio Lopez-alegria, American astronaut.

1980 Steven Gerrard, English footballer, captain of football club “Liverpool” and the national Team of England on football.

1981 Maria Berseneva, Russian actress (TV series “Margot”).


1431 Joan of Arc, French national heroine.

1640 Peter Rubens, a Flemish painter of the Baroque era.

1778 Voltaire, French philosopher, writer and publicist of the Enlightenment.

1960 Boris Pasternak, Russian and Soviet poet and writer, Nobel laureate.

2011 Rosalyn Yalow, American woman, biophysicist, developed a radioimmunoassay method for the determination of components of blood, winner of the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine (1977).


Adrian, Athanasius, Evdokia, Stepan.