Momentous events in history: 31 July 2018


Photo: from open sources

On this day,July 31 – the most interesting that has happened in Ukraine and the world!


World Ranger day.

Day of memory of venerable John the much-Suffering, of Pechersk.


Died 1944 Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

1946 Sweden, Norway and Denmark founded the airline “SAS”.

1976 Almost all African countries have banned their athletes to participate in the Montreal Olympics because of the refusal of the IOC to punish New Zealand for the admission of Rugby players in South Africa.

1992 Disaster A310 under Kathmandu – the first major plane crash in Nepal (113 victims).

1994 Sergey Bubka has set a unique world record in the high jump with a pole.

Born on this day:

1704 Gabriel Cramer, Swiss mathematician.

1800 Friedrich Wohler, a German chemist.

1914 Louis de Funes, French actor, one of the greatest comedians of the 20th century .

1937 Edita Piekha, a Soviet and Russian singer and actress, people’s artist of the USSR.

1964 C. C. Catch (real name Caroline Catharina müller), the German pop singer.

1965 Joanne Kathleen Rowling, English writer, author of books about Harry Potter.

1969 Antonio Conte, Italian football player and coach, head coach of London “Chelsea”.

1986 Svetlana Sleptsova, Russian biathlete, world champion and Olympic games.

1989 Victoria Azarenka, Belarusian tennis player, former first racket of the world.


1784 Denis Diderot, French philosopher, educator, encyclopedist, novelist, and critic.

1849, sándor petőfi, Hungarian poet and revolutionary figure.

1875 Andrew Johnson, 17th U.S. President (1865-1869), statesman and politician.

1944 Antoine de Saint-Exupery, French writer and pilot.

2017 Jeanne Moreau, French actress, singer, film Director.


Athanasius, Ivan, Kuzma, Myron, Stepan.