Momentous events in history: 5 may 2018


On this day, 5 may – the most interesting thing that has happened in Ukraine and the world!


International day for the rights of persons with disabilities.

International day of the midwife.

The Day Luke.


1912 – opening of the V Olympic games in Stockholm (Sweden).

1921 – birthday of the perfume “Chanel No. 5” – was held in Paris presentation.

1972 – crash of DC-8 near Palermo (Sicily). Killed 115 people.

1992 – the Crimean Parliament declared independence of Crimea and appointed to the August referendum on confirmation of this status.

1999 – Macedonia closed its borders to Albanian refugees from Kosovo.

1999 – for the First time in the history of the UK elections were held for the Scottish Parliament.

2000 – the Damage from the new computer virus “I love you” was only in North America a billion dollars .

2005 – In the Congo crashed aircraft “An-26”, 10 people were killed. All on Board were 11 people: 5 crew members and 6 passengers, one of them survived.

Born on this day:

1818 – Karl Marx, German philosopher, economist, sociologist.

1877 – Georgy Sedov, a Russian hydrographer and polar researcher.

1931 – Nikolai Kondratyuk, a Ukrainian singer (baritone).

1957 – Richard E. Grant, English actor.

1966 – Irina Saltykova, Russian pop singer.

1981 – Craig David, British pop singer and musician.

1988 – Adele, English singer and songwriter, winner of “Grammy”.

1988 – Denis Berinchik, Ukrainian professional boxer, silver medalist of the Olympic games (2012), silver medalist of world championship 2011.

1989 – Chris brown, American pop singer, RnB singer and musician.


1821 – Napoleon I Bonaparte, French military leader and statesman, Emperor of France (1804-1815).

1977 – Ludwig Erhard, German economist and statesman, author of the German economic miracle.

2010 – Juliet Simionato, Italian singer.

2011 Claude Stanley Souls, the last veteran of the First world war.


Vitaly, Vsevolod, Gabriel, Dmitri, Clement, Fyodor.