Momentous events in history: August 7, 2018


Photo: from open sources

On this day, August 7 – the most interesting thing that has happened in Ukraine and the world!


The Dormition of righteous Anna, mother of virgin Mary.


1679 – Niagara falls, launched the first ship, which began sailing on the Great lakes.

1858 – Queen Victoria chose Ottawa as the capital of Canada.

1888 – discovered first victim attributed to Jack the Ripper. The eldest grandson of Queen Victoria Prince Clarence was the main suspect, but today the accusations against him are unfounded.

1918 – the Ukraine and the don Cossacks signed a Treaty on borders.

1960 – Declaration of independence of côte d’ivoire from France.

1971 – astronauts “Apollo-15” (the fourth landing of earth lings on the moon) D. Scott, A. worden, and John. Irwin returned to the Earth.

1980 – Romanian Tu-154 in landing in Nouadhibou (Mauritania) in fog landed on the surface of the ocean. One of the passengers died of a heart attack.

1993 – part of Buckingham Palace in London for the first time opened for tourists.

2008 – the beginning of the war in South Ossetia.

In this day were born:

1819 Panteleimon Kulish, the Ukrainian writer, public figure, folklorist, ethnographer, translator, editor and publisher.

1880 Volodymyr Vynnychenko, Ukrainian writer, political activist, author of almost all the declarations and legislative acts of the UPR, the first Chairman of the General Secretariat of the UPR.

1876 Mata Hari – dancer and courtesan of Dutch origin, known for the spy.

1901 Julia Solntseva Ippolitovna – actress and film Director, wife of the Ukrainian writer, classic of world cinema of Alexander Dovzhenko, the Director of his films.

1947 Sofia Rotaru is a Soviet and Ukrainian pop singer, national artist of the USSR, Ukraine, Moldova.

1960 David Duchovny is an American actor, Director and screenwriter.

1975 Charlize Theron is an American actress and model, winner of “Oscar” and “Golden globe”.

1982 Yana Klochkova – multiple Olympic swimming champion, Hero of Ukraine.


1941 Rabindranath Tagore – Indian writer and public figure, Nobel laureate.

2010 Bruno Cremer, French actor.

2011 Nancy Wake – one of the leading figures in the French resistance during the Second world war.


Alexander, Anna Makar, Nicholas.