Momentous events in history: July 11, 2018


Photo: from open sources

On this day, July 11 – the most interesting thing that has happened in Ukraine and the world!


World population day.

World day of chocolate.

The day of memory of victims of the genocide of Srebrenica.


1897 the first attempt of exploration of the Arctic with the help of a balloon.

1941 Began the heroic defense of Kiev.

1974 Found the famous Chinese “Terracotta army”.

The 1983 Crash of the Boeing 737 under Cuenca, killing 119 people. The largest crash in Ecuador.

2006, Microsoft ended technical support for Windows 98 and Windows ME.

The 2010 Spain national Team for the first time in its history became the winner of the world Cup.

2014 Rocket attack under zelenopolyem during the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

Born on this day:

1934 Giorgio Armani, Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur, the founder of fashion Empire Armani .

1956 Power ward, American actress.

1969 Oleg Gutsulyak, Ukrainian writer.

1990-Caroline Wozniacki, Danish tennis player, former first racket of the world.

1996 Alessia Cara, a canadian singer.


1937 George Gershwin, the American composer and pianist.

1941 Arthur Evans, British archaeologist, discoverer of the Minoan civilization.

1971 John wood Campbell, American science fiction writer, editor of the magazine “Astounding Science Fiction”.

1989 Laurence Olivier, English stage and film actor, Director, producer.

2007 Lady bird Johnson, first lady of the United States in 1963-1969, wife of President Lyndon Johnson.


Herman, Ivan, Joseph, Paul, Sergei.